does your boss hate you

In the movie Office Space, the difficult boss's behaviour reminds us of similar people we've worked with

It is the question we all ask ourselves over and over again. And often, it is something we conjure in our own minds rather the actual reality. Has your boss stopped calling? Stopped introducing you to new clients? Has it been years since the last pay raise or promotion?

Falling out of favor with your boss -- especially when you think everything is fine regarding your working relationship -- is a tough blow to the ego. In fact, sometimes it stings so much that employees take shelter in denial and pretend everything is hunky-dory. But unless you feel like wasting years working for someone who doesn't like you and won't advance your career, you need to snap out of it and take some action.


does your boss hate you

Here's how to find out if your boss absolutely hates you: 

Lack of trust:

You used to get your assignments and handle them on your own without a problem. But now, nothing you do is right and your boss feels the need to tell you that as often as possible.While every boss is different and circumstances inevitably vary, if your manager is micromanaging you to the point of absurdity it's because he/she doesn’t trust you.

And before you start getting defensive, it doesn't matter why. For whatever reason -- misguided or deserved -- your boss feels you can't be trusted to perform even the simplest of tasks on your own.


Meryl Streep plays the ultimate evil boss in 'The Devil wears Prada'

The Royal Ignore:

 Your boss seems to have no problem making some time for his favorites in the office, but when you try to book some time with him/her it never seems to happen. All of your one-on-ones seem to get canceled or rescheduled at the last minute, or worse -- your boss forgets you had a meeting altogether.

Suddenly everyone on your team rises and heads to the conference room. You’ve got nothing scheduled and received no urgent emails, so you ask where everyone is going only to find out your boss called a meeting for a project on which you're working. That leaves two options, neither of them very good. Either your boss forgot to invite you, or he deliberately ignored you.


Ditching your ideas:

Team meetings -- especially gatherings such as brainstorming sessions -- are supposed to be a non-judgmental place to freely express ideas and get the ball rolling. But if all of your contributions are met with derision, scorn and dismissals from your boss then you know something is amiss.

Some bosses just aren't great with people or social skills, and he/she honestly might not even realize it's happening. This is a tough tightrope for an employee to walk because if you come across as a complainer, then you're just going to be viewed as a whiner.


No feedback

The only thing worse than constant negative feedback from your boss, is no feedback at all.

At least when your boss is dumping on you, you know he/she still cares enough to say something. So when your boss goes on an all-out ignore, you know he's just not that into you.