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11/23/2012 9:55:40 AM
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Intraweb Solutions

Post :- Trainee developer
Location:- Mumbai

We at Intraweb, understand your need to stand out of the
crowdto be UNIQUE and to be ORIGINAL. Keeping this in mind,
right from our inception we have churned out quality web
solutions that have catered to the needs of hundreds of
corporate houses, small & medium enterprises and individual

We are one of the leading service providers in the field of
software Development, website development and Customize Web
Solutions from last 9 years.

As a trusted software development company, we offer our
clients strategic web solutions geared for taking the
competition head on. With our head office in Mumbai, we have
offered services around the globe and have invariably
attracted a fabulous number of clients only because of the
acceptance of our work and dependable customer service./>
Our understanding of business environment helps in
maximizing the value of the relationship with clients. />
At Intraweb, we have served a wide range of industries and
business environment clients.

Requirements:-,C#,Sql Theoretical knowledge of all three.
Pure dedication to the work assigned to u.
Good logical skill set.
Students are to be selected on the basis of their
caliber(Not everyone gets piece of it).

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