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Storing and accessing candidate information is a big challenge for Talent acquisition companies, when it comes to recruitment.Our understanding is that comprehensive solutions which solve Storing,Searching, Tagging and accessing Cvs anywhere and anytime, is pretty much a viable solution.

What if we have just the solution to these needs, all in one place?

Here's how Wisestep will fix it

Upload CV's in Bulk on Cloud

Recruiters can now store all their CVs in one place, and access it anytime from anywhere.Create your own "private" and "searchable" CV data base on the CLOUD and filter based on Keywords, Date, Labels, CV Source and Emails.

Tag your CV's

Tag CVs with Labels of your choice while you upload them.Labelling using Skills/ Location/ Job Title/Keywords will help you retrieve any CV in seconds.

Search CV Data base

All the CVs uploaded on to Wisestep become your own private searchable database, with secure storage on Amason S3 (most trusted secure storage system). Accessible to no one other than you and your Team. Now search using Boolean operators like 'and'/ 'or' to make your searches more refined. Get better matches, faster.

Filter Duplicates

With the hundreds of CVs you upload each day, it's hugely possible that some of the cvs may be repeat uploads or duplicates. Filter these duplicates so that you can categorize your CV database better, and spend less time going over the same Cvs.

Show CV

View entire Cvs instantly by just hovering your mouse over the Show CV button. Decide which to keep, shortlist and hire.Close more positions faster.