ATS implementation in staffing startup

“Slack channels give us constant, unfiltered streams of Trustpilot insight into what customers are saying. As a global company, it’s so powerful to have access to and act on that knowledge.”
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The client is a recruitment and staffing company with a team strength of 10+ employees

Business Needs

The need was to move to an agile ATS platform that can help the client automate parts of their recruitment process.

This included:

  • Increase Productivity and Speed
  • Save Costs
  • Providing easier workflow and sharing of data among team members

On-boarding to the Wisestep ATS enabled the client to add all the team members to the platform, resulting in real-time collaboration among the team members. The native analytics platform and the built-in extension being a part of the overall Wisestep solution has been a source of value-add to the client.

Automation using the Wisestep extension

The Client implemented Automation tools from Wisestep, like the Browser extension that allows recruiters to import resumes and candidate details from prominent job boards into their databases. This helped save time and built a large Candidate Database helping reduce monthly costs by 25%.

Performance Analytics

Team owners and managers can now leverage Wisestep’s powerful analytics to generate real time, weekly, monthly reports which are being used to assess and monitor team performance. One of the key benefits has been the detailed reports providing a granular view of data that defines decisions like, which Clients to work on, which jobs to work on making focus on Revenue sharper

Work-share allocation made simpler and quicker

The Wisestep ATS helped the client to assign jobs directly to the teams. This reduced wastage and improved turn-around time and helped the team members start working sooner instead leading to improved Job coverage for all its clients

Productivity Improvements with Integrations

Wisestep’s other tools such as Native Job Board Search, Single click email sending among others, have helped improve and streamline recruitment operations, brought in efficiencies helping improve productivity and submissions by at least 20%